Digital Pulse argon arc welding machine (TIG-200GD/200GDsv)

PRODUCT: Multi Functional Cold Welding/Electrode Welding/ Argon Welder
ITEM: TIG-200GD/200GDsv


1. Possessing TIG & spot TIG & MMA function;
2. Possessing pulse / no pulse, spot / continous welding function.
3. 3 pcb circuit structure design, good for heat dissipation.
4. Digital control technology, accurate welding power control, spot welding 0.3mm sheet no deformation.
5. Can be swift arcing, fast spot welding.
6. Peak current & time, base current & time adjustable.


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technical data unit TIG-200GD TIG-200GDsv
Rated input voltage V AC 220V±15% 50/60 AC 110/220V±15% 50/60
Rated input power KV/A 7.2 7.2
output current range A TIG:10-200
TIG:10-200(AC220V)        TIG:10-120(AC110V)
MMA:30-160(AC220V)     MMA:30-120(AC110V)
duty cycle % 30 30
hot start current range A
arcing method A high frequency high frequency
welding plate thickness MM 0.3-8.0 0.3-8.0
packing dimensions MM 490x265x370 490x265x370
machine dimensions MM 405x160x310 405x160x310
gross weight kg 10.5 10.9
net weight kg 7.2 7.6

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