Plasma cutting machine (LGK-160)

Cutting Machine (Double module/Plasma)

  • IGBT modules, fast recovery diodes, integrated circuits, relays, current and voltage regulator and other key components are using the world’s top brand-name products, high reliability.
  • The use of soft-switching technology to improve the working conditions of the IGBT tube, especially for long time using, and high current or other harsh conditions of heavy industry under heavy conditions.
  • Current slowing function, reduce the impact of arc, and reduce the consumption of cutting torch parts.
  • Standard design, high quality parts, and fine manufacturing to ensure cutting quality and reliability.
  • Inverter control power: small size, light weight, can be installed on the CNC cutting machine beam; high efficiency, low energy consumption, to reduce the cost.
  • Machine-type function: arc starting signal, arc pressure signal, two-way gas control, arc voltage output function, especially for CNC, robot cutting, it’s a powerful cutting series.
  • Two machines can be used in parallel, and make the current to double output to ensure that special thick material cutting.

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Rated Input Voltage Frequency V Three-Phase AC 380V±15% 50/60
Rated Input Power KVA 29.3
No-Load Voltage V 330
Output Current Adjustment Range A 25-160
Rated Output Voltage V 144
Cyclic Duration Factor % 60
Arcing Method High Frequency Non-contact
Efficiency % 85
Power Factor COSΦ 0.93
Net Weight KG 48.4
Dimensions MM 650X310X640
Air Pressure KGF/CM2 6
Thickness of Cutting MM 50
Max.Tickness of Cutting MM 60

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