Gas shielded welding machine (MAG-350F)

Item: Digital CO2 gas shielded welder(MAG-350F)
Item No.:MAG-350F

  • Simple digital panel design, gas shielded welding and manual welding all-in-one, 2T/4T function, special function on 4T
  • Manual welding contains VRD function.
  • Smart wire stickout function, it can solve the arc breaking and shaping problems.
  • Self-regulation function can adjust automatically offset current in welding, shaping well and fewer spatter

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Input Voltage Frequency V Three phase AC380V±15% 50/60
Input Power KVA 13.9
No-Load Voltage V 56
Output Current Range A 50-350
Output Voltage V 31.5
Rated Duty Cycle % 50
Efficiency % 85
Power Factor COSΦ 0.93
Wire Feeding type Separated
Net weight KG 21.7
Dimensions MM 560x315x485
Welding Plate Thickness MM 0.5-12
Aluminum Plate Thickness MM
Wire Dia. Φ 0.8/1.2

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