welding machine's manufacturer with over 20 years experience




Corporate Introduction

Sanqiao Building

Sanqiao Welding continue to invest production properties, to the end of 2018, Sanqiao Welding is owns over 10,000 square meters big building, which contains workshops and offices inside.
Sanqiao Welding has many functional departments including production, development, QC, customer service and etc.. They can offer efficient and good services for our customers.

Production lines

Sanqiao production process is start from circuit board’s production, to finished products, qualities tracing from this process, suppliers audition is very important. On the other hand, Sanqiao has soldering machine, Auto board wash machine and insulation machine and other advanced equipment, ensure the product quality is good enough.

Production process

On Assembly lines, our products through burn-in test, durable test and more 2 welding tests, that ensure our products can present stable performance for our clients.

Over 20 years experience

Till now, Sanqiao going through over 20 years in this field, and its leader group is attach great importance to product’s quality, Sanqiao Welding CEO Mr.Lee Cangen said, everyone in Sanqiao Welding must pay more attention on product’s quality, just like to take care of your life.

International Certifications

Sanqiao products had acquired CCC, CE and ISO9001-2015 certifications, all products are accepted by customers of markets.

Stronger development ability

Sanqiao Welding are concentrating product’s development according the technology trends, it was cooperated with SCUT(South China University of Technology) built a product’s lab for research and education, therefore Sanqiao enable to get some high technology apply to the market.

Advanced ERP system

Sanqiao ERP system is the integrated management of core business processes, it is applied to make our services more efficient for our clients, so we also improve our competitiveness.

Wounderful cultural life

Sanqiao Welding has its canteen, entertainment place, reading corner for our staffs, and keep organizing various events for them, even for their families, and their children.

Powerful supports for our partners

Sanqiao Welding always take care of its partners, and growing up together with them, and enhanced investment more and more these years, in 2018, Sanqiao Welding had organized many events for its partners, gave some helps including promotions, education or training courses, international exhibitions and etc..